For prospective homeowners buying a house is an important and exciting decision. Because this decision is large and the process is involved, most people want to buy a house with confidence and no regrets. We understand and are here to help you through each step so that by the time you reach closing, you have certainty about your choice.

Your House Should Feel Like a Home

Each house will have a different feel, and that feel will be perceived differently by each person. When you find the right fit for you, you can imagine waking up in the house and going to bed at night. You can picture yourself entertaining and enjoying the space thoroughly. 

Our team at Q Realty is here to walk you through potential properties until you just “know” you’ve found the perfect fit for you needs. We work hard to make sure each home buyer is excited about closing day and getting the keys to their dream home. Take a peek at our Facebook reviews and see what clients have to say about working with us!

While buying a house you fall in love with is the perfect ending, there are some practical considerations to keep in mind to be sure that you are really getting the right space to meet your needs. Here are 6 signs you’ve found the right home. 

1. Size

If you select too large a space, much of it might go unused for years. Too much empty space can make the place feel like a warehouse or unwelcoming. Too small of space may mean you outgrow it far too quickly. While it’s all but impossible to guess the future, consider what kind of space you think you would need over the next five years. 

2. Location

Location, location, location isn’t just a term for commercial real estate; location is a huge factor in finding the right home.  Keep in mind not just the home and lot itself but the overall look and feel of the neighborhood and surrounding area. 

For young professionals and singles, living in an urban area may be perfect. It may allow a shorter commute time and access to all the exciting amenities of a city. However, if you love to be away from it all, finding a location that is quiet and rural can be peaceful. For families, somewhere in between (like the suburbs) may be what you need. 

In short, do not compromise on location. If in doubt, ask your real estate agent for tips on neighborhoods. This is one of the biggest advantages to working with a real estate agent! As experienced agents in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, we don’t just know these areas – we live here! Let us know what you are looking for and we can help find properties there; often even ones that aren’t yet on the market. 

3. Price

Simply put, a home is not a home if you are paying too much to live there. Any homebuyer who overextends him or herself will know this.  Don’t take on too much, where most of your income goes to pay the mortgage. This will not allow you to enjoy your home like you should.

Home buyers often overlook properties that are perfect for them because they are searching in higher price points. Let us show you the hidden gems that out there; homes where you can love your space AND the lifestyle you live in it. 

4. View

Consider what kind of view is important to you. The view of your main rooms, such as your living room or master bedroom, can turn a house into a sanctuary. Peaceful solitude in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening is very relaxing when you have a view of trees, the sunset, or water. For some, a window or patio doors overlooking a fenced yard provides peace of mind to let pets or kids safely play out back.

If your preference is for an urban dwelling, is there a view of the skyline or interesting spot for people watching? 

5. Disclosures

A house never feels quite like a home if you always have to fix or maintain it, though general maintenance is required with any property. Study the seller’s disclosures carefully for potential problems, such as dead trees, termites, and mold. Other things to look for include the following

– recent paint jobs, especially in the bathroom
– recent drywall repairs
– recent tile work in the bathroom

Some of these may be minor changes that the seller is willing to make to close the deal, or can be part of negotiating for a better price. Again, use a trusted agent to guide you through this process so you don’t wind up overwhelmed or accidentally taking on a money pit.

6. Opportunity to customize

Finding a house in just the right condition is almost always preferable to fixing up a home. However, a fixer can often provide a homebuyer the opportunity to create a home that meets his or her exact requirements. By simply customizing the kitchen or bathroom, the house can feel unique and reflect your exact style.

There is nothing we enjoy more than watching our clients faces light up as they get the keys to a perfect home. If you’d like to take that first step toward finding yours, contact us today!