Though appealing in theory, tiny houses don’t often work for the long haul. Though you may start off purchasing a smaller space, it just may not be the right fit forever.  From career changes to lifestyle enjoyment, there are many reasons for expanding into a larger home.

If you find yourself struggling with any of the following, it may be time for more room! 

The Real Estate Market Is Right

There’s never going to be the perfect opportunity, but sometimes it is beneficial to strike while the iron is hot.

This means that even if you aren’t in dire need of a new house, it may be smart to invest in a property if prices are right. Want to see the latest listing for communities in Middle Tennessee and Southeastern Kentucky? Click here to find your new home! 

The Elite at Q Realty can tell you whether the market is favorable towards homebuyers or homeowners. If the market leans towards homeowners, that means selling your home may happen faster and easier than you even imagine. If the current market is advantageous to homebuyers, it could be time to invest in your dream home.

Your Yard Is Too Small

Whether you need outdoor space for your pets, kids or outdoor activities, one of the most common reasons for getting a larger home is to expand the outdoor space. Additionally, having a larger yard provides the added benefit of more privacy between you and your neighbors.

Many Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky home buyers look for a larger yard because the weather allows for almost year-round enjoyment of it. For some, this space becomes an extra play area, while others consider decks, porches and patios as another outdoor living space for relaxing and spending time with guests. 

You Have A Growing Family

The same house that supported you and maybe even your spouse likely won’t be enough whenever you have kids, pets, or out of town guests visiting.  Expanding into a new home gives your entire family the benefits of more personal space. Even if additional bedrooms aren’t needed, the added space from a bonus room, basement or playroom can open up a great deal of possibilities for spreading out more comfortably. 

You Need More Room For Entertaining

Whether you love hosting family gathering, or throwing parties with friends, you may need additional room. Entertaining large groups requires a bigger home or spacious backyard so that guests aren’t feeling uncomfortable and cramped together.  

Your Home Is Overflowing With Stuff

Despite the popularity of Marie Kondo, one of the most common reasons why people look to expand is a lack of storage space in their current home. If your home is getting more and more crowded with furniture, hobbies and other items by the day, it may be time to look into a larger home.

You Got A New Job Opportunity

A new job opportunity may also be an opportunity to invest in a larger home. Perhaps you’ve been renting or living in a smaller space that accommodate a smaller budget. With a new salary, you might just find the freedom to buy a dream home that accommodates all of your needs. 

If you’re feeling the squeeze of a smaller space, we can help you find a bigger home that suits your needs and lifestyle. Our passion is helping people find the perfect home; contact us today to work together on making your dream home a reality!