Permanent Change of Station is difficult and each transition involves organizing, packing and transferring all of your belongings from one station to another.  We understand just how intense these PCS moves can be and the initial anxiety of living in a new place where you get assigned. We know and understand that the military is always changing things even at the last minute! This is imperative to have people in place that can understand these types of situations, in order to make them easier. 

However, if you are PCSing to Fort Campbell, we can help by providing information and tips to keep the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  As experienced real estate agents serving Middle Tennessee and Kentucky we offer unique insight into the areas surrounding Fort Campbell.  We love working with members of the military and understand the specific needs of relocating military clients. In fact, we have connection in military locations all across the globe. 

Here are our top tips for a PCS move to Fort Campbell. 

General PCS Tips

Plan Ahead

If you are aware of which month you will be moving, update your information. Inquire through your household goods office to see if you need to do anything before the orders come. For those moving in spring or summer you may be able to go ahead and visit to update your information.  Some prefer to wait until orders are in hand, but any early preparations you can make will benefit you in the long run.  

Be sure you allow enough time to read the directions closely too. Check back regularly to ensure there are no changes that may affect your move.  

Make Sure That You Are Aware Of Your Rights

Read over the Customer Bill of Rights so that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities. Being aware of your rights will help simplify the process and make things easier. Our trained agents are well-versed in your options and can be an added resource for you in the event of a PCS to Fort Campbell.

Have Flexibility

The spring and summer seasons are very hectic, so it may be difficult for you to manage your moving situation during these peak months when you consider housing availability, moving vendor schedules, etc. If possible, try not to lock yourself into a specific date. Also, check with your housing office to see if there are Fort Campbell PCS offers available such as lodging allowance. 

Figure Out Your Weight Allowance

It’s important that you know your weight allowance so that you will avoid having to spend extra money. You can find that here and avoid surprise charges by staying within your given allowance.  

You also have the right to ask your moving company or military transportation office to re-weigh your goods. When this is done, it is a good rule of thumb to request to be present and ensure that your belongings are accurately weighted.  

Bonus Tip – Check out your previous moving history on to see how much your previous shipments weighed. This will give you a good idea of your shipment weight for your current move.

Organize Your Inventory 

Take note of valuable items such as your passport and birth certificate. Figure out the rest of the valuable items that you want to take with you and set those items aside so that they are not packed with your other belongings.  It’s easy to accumulate more than you need, so edit carefully what is important for your next move. 

Divide personal from professional and note those weights separately so professional items aren’t counted against your overall household total. 

Don’t wait until you sign. Have a transparent conversation with the movers, so that they’ll know what you want in each box.

PCS Tips For Fort Campbell

On-Post Housing

Should you choose to stay on-post, the housing is privatized with neighborhoods based on rank. Amenities include fenced yards, dog parks, walking areas, fitness centers and splash parks. Most homes are between 2-5 bedrooms and offer affordable options with the convenience of being on post.   

Off-Post Housing

Keep in mind that Fort Campbell is a unique military base located in two states: Kentucky and Tennessee. So if you are trying to decide if you should live on-post or off-post, know that you have a wide range of choices, including two states. 

Clarksville is the fifth largest city in Tennessee and sits just 30 minutes from Fort Campbell and 30 minutes to an hour outside of Nashville. For those looking for a quieter atmosphere, Woodlawn and Adams are smaller towns also in the area that have a more rural feel. One popular choice is the Sango community, which is about 30 minutes away and has many executive housing options. 

Hopkinsville, Kentucky is also minutes from Fort Campbell and has a population of about 32,000. Other cities in Kentucky include Oak Grove, Herndon, Guthrie and Elkton. 

Whether you choose to live in Tennessee or Kentucky, the areas mentioned above are military friendly and provide support for families, spouses and members of the military.  We are familiar with these areas because we live here ourselves. If you’d like to discuss finding the perfect fit for your needs, contact us today