In most magazine rankings for the best cities to live in, the majority of the locations are from the South. Call us biased but we agree with the logic: the weather is warmer here, the food is delicious, and the hospitality is unmatched!

As the fifth fastest-growing city in the country and the second fastest-growing metropolitan area, Clarksville is one of these areas that many people are flocking to lately. Not only that, it’s been highlighted recently due to winning Money Magazine’s Best Place to Live In America ranking

As a locally owned and operated real estate brokerage team in Clarksville, Quirion Realty is excited to see the area getting this well-deserved attention. After all, our foundation is community involvement. We don’t just work in Clarksville, we live here too! We love talking about our city and what new residents will discover when they move here. 

And of course, we love hearing about what is bringing people to our area. Here are the top 5 reasons why people move to Clarksville:

1. Location, location, location

One reason people love living in Clarksville is it’s proximity to Nashville and Fort Campbell. Nashville is famous for its thriving music and entertainment scene, but it also hosts prospering neighborhoods, uncommon shops, independent coffeehouses, and trendy breweries. If the day to day grind of a bustling city is too much for you, Clarksville is just 40 minutes away. By living in Clarksville, you can have a quieter lifestyle and still experience the Music City when you want.

Fort Campbell is a mere 30 minutes away as well, which is why many PCSing there choose to buy homes in one of Clarksville’s charming neighborhoods. 

2. Affordability

Based on Clarksville real estate records, the attractive cost of living is drawing attention to the Clarksville region like never before. Although this city is one of the largest in Tennessee, the median home price is only $135,600. 

Fair warning though – it is typical for houses to have bids, often multiple, within 24 hours of being listed.  We help clients avoid missing these opportunities because we often have information on homes before they are even listed

Want to see what’s currently available? Start with a quick search of Clarksville homes for sale, and if you don’t find what you are looking for – call us and we can help bring the listings to you. 

3. Diversity

Residents of Clarksville enjoy being apart of an ethnically-diverse city as it is the third most diverse city in Tennessee. With a mix of races represented in the area, the whole city benefits. Living in a multicultural community gives residents a chance to explore deeper into their heritage while also gaining exposure and understanding of other cultures found throughout the city.

4. Social life

Within Clarksville, you’ll discover urban conveniences mixed with small-town values. This picturesque community has many attractions and festivals to enjoy each year. The Rivers and Spires Festival prides itself on its wonderful art, music, and food every April. The City of Clarksville also throws family events like Christmas on the Cumberland, Jammin’ in the Alley, Liberty Live and Movies In The Park. 

Outdoor lovers can find plenty of adventure at the blueways and greenways that offer walking trails, running, kayaking, boating, and canoeing.

5. Jobs

Being a marvelous place to purchase a home also indicates that Clarksville has great places to work. A need for civilian staff and contractors to support their operations places the United States Army base Fort Cambell as the largest employer in the area. Other major employers include Austin Peay State University, Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, and Tennova Healthcare.

For those looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, job growth has caused thriving dining, retail, and real estate markets. Stores, restaurants, and small businesses stay open almost daily and reported $2.9 billion in retail sales in 2017. 

We are so excited to see the continued growth and support for local business as well as the addition of plenty of big businesses like Google and LG. 

Let A Real Estate Agent Help You

Because Clarksville real estate is highly sought after, you would benefit most by contacting a realtor that is familiar with the area. Realtors have access to even more listings that you would find in a normal internet search and can use their connections to secure the best home for your new life in Clarksville.

Our team at Quirion Realty has extensive knowledge about Clarksville neighborhoods, school systems, and communities. We also know about some of the benefits of surrounding areas too, so for those who want to be near Clarksville but not in it, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today and let us know what you reason for moving to Clarksville is and we’ll help you find your dream home!